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New record distance recorded at Manilla XC Camp

February 3, 2019 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Source: Northern Daily Leader

The camp attracted a record 204 pilots representing a record 18 nations (nearly half the field were international pilots) and broke site flying records with Romania’s Tudor Dorobantu and Australia’s Airie Merlin becoming the first pilots to fly over 400km from Mt Borah.

Bettering the 389km flown in 2017, Dorobantu set a new site benchmark of 407km with Merlin not far behind.

The pair landed just after sunset on Saturday south west of Bourke after an epic 10-and-a-half-hour flight.

"Going over the 400km mark is a substantial achievement for any event," camp organiser Godfrey Wenness said.

He said there is only one other place in the world that has recorded a flight of over 400km off a hill. That is in Brazil in an area that is known for very strong winds. They are also on the equator so they can fly for 12 hours.

He said they knew they were doing to get some potential record conditions towards the end of the week. Some high cloud on Friday scuppered those hopes but Saturday was a "classic day".

The conditions generally over the eight days were great.

"We just had pristine conditions all week for pilots to do distance flying," he said.

The pilots took full advantage with over 100 flying personal best distances.

Wenness said over the eight days pilots flew in every direction across the New England and North West region landing as far away as Warren, Bourke, Walgett, Goondiwindi, Armidale and Muswellbrook. 

The high-end Comp Class gliders dominated the top places.

Dorobantu was first clocking a combined 1232km for his best six flights. Merlin was second (857km) and Hong Kong pilot Pak Shing Ho third (855km). Wenness was fifth with 822km.

Victorian pilot Lucy Snowden won the women’s with a combined total of 406km and was 37th overall.

Now into it’s 25th year pilot numbers at the camp are growing every year.

Wenness cited a few factors for that.

One is the relaxed structure of the event. It is an easy going flight, he said.

Another reason is that pilots when they travel overseas want to get the most out of their ‘flying holiday’ and fly long distances, which was shown over the last eight days the camp allows.

"I finding increasingly pilots are more interested in the cross-country style of sport rather than shorter drag racing," he said.

He noted another positive record was that despite so many pilots of all skill levels flying in hot mid summer conditions there was not one accident either.

Top five: 1 Dorobantu Tudor ROM UP Meru COMP 1232, 2 Merlin Airie AUS Flow XCRacer COMP 857, 3 Ho Pak Shing HK Gin Bonanza 2 SPORT 855, 4 Wenness Godfrey AUS Advance Omega XAlps2 XC 822, 5 Jan Tupy AUS Zeno COMP 805  

Women’s: 1 (37) Snowden Lucy Aus Ozone Rush4 SPORT 406, 2 (41) Jack Elissa Aus Skywalk Cumeo SPORT 381, 3 (50) Miyate Hiroko JPN BGD RIOT SPORT 311  

Five tips to help you get into the world of paragliding

January 1, 2019 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Source: RedBull

  1. Book a tandem flight
    You may like the look of paragliding, but being up in the air in the hot seat will be a very different experience. Book a tandem flight, where a professional will show you what it's like to fly with the birds minus the added stress of controlling the giant banana-shaped piece of fabric above your head.

  2. Sign up for a course
    If the vertigo didn't get to you during your tandem flight, you may want to take the experience further and become a pilot. To do this you'll need to book a course with certified professionals, who'll take you from soulless ground dweller to sky god in no time. Paragliding can be quite expensive in the early stages, but once you're setup with a licence and equipment, there's only the cost of getting to the spots where you can fly.

  3. Buy the right equipment for you
    The wrong equipment can put people off the sport very quickly. Drill your instructors for advice and listen to it – they'll be able to steer you towards the right kit for you. As a minimum, you will need a paraglider, harness, a reserve and a helmet that meets the EN966 standard. A complete kit can cost around €3,000/£2,685 new, or less than €1,500/ £1,340 second hand. If you're buying second hand, make sure to ask if the kit has a recent service record, which indicates airworthiness. The right kit can be the difference between a long flying career or never wanting to get the paraglider out of the bag again.

  4. Join a club
    Once you've qualified through the Club Pilot course with a local school, you'll be able to safely fly within a club environment. Of course, this means you'll have to join a club. This will most likely be the one closest to home or the club your paragliding school is involved in. Joining a club will allow you to interact with, and take advice from, fellow pilots. I joined the Pennine Soaring Club in 2014 and it's been a great source of information that's really helped my progression.

  5. Make friends and fly with them
    It can be very daunting when you're fresh out of flight school so it's imperative when you join a club that you make friends, whose (hopefully many) years of experience you can absorb to help you progress. It can be difficult to make the right decision about which paragliding site to fly, and on which day, when you first start. Your friends will be able to get you to the right place at the right time. Attending club nights will allow you to make contact with the local pilots and club coaches who are there to help low airtime pilots progress.

Paragliding Equipments Market 2019 | Competitor Research

January 1, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

The Global "Paragliding Equipments Market" research report detailed the fast developing market of Global Paragliding Equipments. The report reveals realistic data of the global Paragliding Equipments market. The Research report global Paragliding Equipments market abstract the most crucial side of the Paragliding Equipments market and showing them in the form of a document. This report mainly enhances on market status, competitive landscape, and SWOT Analysis for Paragliding Equipments market worldwide.

The research report evaluates the global market size, industry share, growth, key segments, CAGR, and key drivers. The report starts with a basic Paragliding Equipments market overview. It additionally acts as a significant tool for industries active across the value chain and for new entrants by enabling them to take advantage of the opportunities and develop business strategies.

The following manufacturers are covered in this report: 

  • Ozone Gliders
  • NOVA
  • Supair
  • Dudek Paragliders
  • ICARO Paragliders
  • Independence
  • SOL Paragliders
  • Swing Flugsportgerate
  • U-Turn
  • AirCross
  • APCO Aviation

Paragliding Equipments Market Breakdown Data by Application 

  • Supermarkets and Hypermarkets
  • Sport Goods Speciality Stores
  • Online Retailers
  • Other

Geographically, this report is separated into several key Regions, with production, consumption, revenue, market share, and growth rate of Paragliding Equipments in these regions, from 2013 to 2025, covering regions are North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India.

The issue is that it cost a lot!