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Reducing the Carnage with Will Gadd and Jeff Shapiro / Podcast

February 29, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Source: Cloudbase Mayhem (link) / Image: DSCZ01 (video)

Gavin McClurg says on this podcast: "Accidents are ubiquitous in free flight but recently there’s been a huge spike in fatalities in our sport and in this podcast with Jeff Shapiro and Will Gadd we aim to take on the subject of risk and where we get it wrong sometimes- and why."

They take on a lot in this show, but here’s a little teaser: "How well do you understand your own head? Is pushing the limits necessary to learn? What can go wrong and how much margin do we need so we can play another day? Mistakes are necessary to learn, but the ground is hard and unforgiving, so how do we fly with that knowledge and still excel safely? How to have appropriate goals at appropriate times? What’s the end game? Why our sport is unique compared to other high risk sports because of gravity and the ground?

The dangers of forcing your will on the day, rather than just flying what the day provides (“Fly the day, not your desire”- Nick Greece).

The three stages of combat veterans and how it applies to free flight. And a ton more. This is one of the most important shows we’ve ever produced, I hope you’ll share it with everyone you know who flies or participates in high risk activities. Be safe everyone.