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Weather Decision Recipe by Alexander Robé

August 10, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Source: Cloudbase Mayhem

Here are the weather resources Alex uses to identify the best days:

In this podcast, Gavin and Alex are talking about:

  1. 2 vs 3 liners and passive safety vs performance
  2. Picking the big day and picking the right launch on that day
  3. Reducing risk dramatically by only flying the really good days
  4. Becoming a great pilot by flying huge hours on big days rather than flying dicey days and getting scared
  5. The “recipe” for long distance and the importance of learning the weather and being fit
  6. The importance of post-flight analysis
  7. Preparation pre-flight
  8. How to pick out the good lines
  9. What gear and why
  10. The importance of sharing information and sharing your thoughts on where and when to fly so good pilots show up
  11. The Engineering connection and flying
  12. What are the motivation, knowledge and XContest factors to going big
  13. The importance of goals, and how to fly efficiently
  14. Risk Management and dealing with uncertainty

Worth to listen :)